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Kite Making is a great way of engaging all children in a classroom. They are a perfect teaching tool, offering lessons in art, science, mathematics, history, recreation, culture, geography, exercise and fitness and Kites are also full of fun. Kites have been created and used for development of mankind and research for thousands of years. It used to be one of those skills that were past down from one generation to the next, from grandfather to grandson.
Unfortunately, in recent times these skills were being lost, until the Kite Shop created the first Kite Making Program in Adelaide in 1972. From this initial beginning, this program has become highly successful with high schools, primary & preschools, school holiday programs, social groups, community libraries etc. since the day it was launched. The Kite Shop is the oldest kite shop in Australia. It was established in the early 1970s.
The School Kite Making Program - All enquiries should be made to the Kite Shop. Please email: or call/text 0435 383 081

The secret to our success - we use three simple criteria's for our classroom kites:

One: All the kites are winners.
Two: The workshops come complete, we supply everything.
Three: We all have fun while learning new skills in the workshops.

However, if a workshop is not available we do supply the kits in a Bulk Kite Kit Format for a DIY kite making workshop.

" What's New! "
"Mini Diamond Kite" - Running a School Holiday Program? Need a New Activity?

We have a new mini kite which is perfect for any holiday program. Great price for social groups and libraries from $4.00 per kite.

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